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4 Easy steps
to book your ads
  • 1 Choose a category
  • 2 Choose the dates
  • 3 Compose
  • 4 Confirm and pay


Q. What is www.dhclassifieds.com
A. www.dhclassifieds.com is a website to book your classifieds advertisements online for Deccan Herald news paper.

Q. How to register online?
A. Please go to the “My Account” tab on the website bar and click on the same. A Login form will be opened Click on 'Sign up' link. Please fill in the relevant details in the fields provided therein to complete the registration process.

Q. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
A. Please go to the “My Account” tab on the website bar and click on the same. A Login form will be opened Click on 'Forgot Password' link. Fill in your login email address and required details will be sent to your email id.

Q. How can I change my profile information?
A. A link of Edit Profile will appear after logging into your account. you can change the information by navigating on the same.


Q. How can I post my advertisement under specific category?
A. We have simple categories and sub-categories to choose from. Simply select a main category from "Choose a category" section on first page then choose the sub category with all required inputs in the adjacent section named as "choose the type of ad" and click on "Submit" which will lead you to the second page where you need to select the dates for which you want to post the advertisement then follow next steps for composing matter and posting your ad.

Q. How can I change the category?
A. Once you are navigated to the Booking summary page it has the edit link which is highlighted in blue color. Click this link then change the required matter. Once you confirm the payment, you will not be allowed to change the category.

Offers and packages

Q. How can I select the package which suits my requirement?
A. Click the package which is best suits your requirement, no of insertions with validity of the Packages have been mentioned for your reference.


Q. How will I know the exact status of the advertisement that I have posted on your website?
A. Go to My Accounts there under My bookings Tab you can check the status.

Q. How can I changed the dates of the insertions which I had posted on your website?
A. Once confirmed the dates, you will not be able to change the dates.


Q. How will I know the status of my advertisement once booked?
A. Once ad is booked it will appear in the list of My bookings under My accounts where you can check the status.

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